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Tzatziki (Cucumber Sauce)

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Tzatziki Sauce

Who doesn't know Greek tzatziki yet? To stay in the holiday mood for a while, make this authentic cucumber sauce, eat tasty! It is great to dip in some raw vegetables or a sandwich or with grilled meat such as lamb or chicken! Tzatziki is a really great versatile fresh Greek cucumber sauce based on yogurt.

Ingredients for Tzatziki :

- 3 cups - 700 g of strained yogurt

- 3 garlic cloves crushed

- ¼ cucumber peeled, grated, removed seeds and strained

- 1 tbsp of olive oil

- 1 tbsp of vinegar

- ¼ tsp of salt

How do make Tzatziki :

Place the yogurt in a cheese cloth and in a strainer to strain the excess water over night.

The next day when you make your Tzatziki peel the cucumber and remove with a spoon the seeds and grade.

Squeeze the cucumber to remove the excess water

In a medium bowl, mash together the grated cucumber and the grated garlic.

Add the yogurt and mix well.

Add the olive oil, vinegar and salt and again mix well.

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