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Meat Sauce with Marsalla

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Meat Sauce with Marsalla
Meat Sauce with Marsalla
The best sauce is made by using the sticks from your frying pan that you just baked your fish, poultry or meat in.

Ingredients for meat sauce with Marsalla:

2 lumps of cold butter

1 dl 34 fl. Oz. cream

34 fl. Oz. - 1 dl beef stock

1 glass of Marsalla

4 pieces of meat

2 tbsp fat

1 glass of water

How to make Meat Suace with Marsalla:

Melt the fat. Put in the meat that is well seasoned and fry well. Remove the meat from the pan and cover.

Put the marsalla in the pan and stir the baking mixture. Reduce by half and add the water and stock.

Stir well and reduce by half.

Add the cream and stir well, not too long, otherwise the sauce will lose too much moisture and curdle.

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