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Tom yam khung (shrimp soup with lemongrass)

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Tom yam khung Soup
Tom yam khung Soup
This Tom Yum Goong is one of the most popular Thai soups with shrimp and other fresh ingredients, such as lemongrass, laos root and lime.

Ingredients for Tom Yum Goong Soup:

serves 4:

3½ oz - 100 g Parisian mushrooms

1½ fl. oz. - 5 cl coconut milk

4 tablespoons fish sauce

1 teaspoon of finely sliced galanga root (in a jar)

2 tablespoons lime juice

1 teaspoon of finely cut kaffir lime leaves (in a jar)

1 teaspoon of raw cane sugar

1 teaspoon of turmeric

1 tablespoon red curry paste

1 low-fat poultry stock cubes

3 stems of lemongrass

6 cups - 1.5 l of water

1 small red chili pepper

1 pound - 450g of frozen, raw shrimp tails

1 bunch of fresh coriander

How to make Tom Yum Goong Soup:

Peel the pre-thawed scampi.

Cut the mushrooms into thin slices, chop the chili pepper and the lemon grass stalks finely.

Boil the water with the crumbled broth cube.

Add the lemongrass, the chili pepper, the red curry paste, the turmeric, the sugar, the kaffir and the galanga.

Simmer for 2 minutes.

Then add the mushrooms and the scampi.

Bring to the boil again and simmer for 2 more minutes.

Add the fish sauce, lime juice and coconut milk.

Season with salt and pepper and remove from the heat.

Sprinkle with chopped coriander and serve immediately.

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