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Tempura Soba Soup Recipe

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Tempura Soba Soup
Tempura Soba Soup

"Tempura is a Japanese dish consisting of fried pieces of fish or ... a bowl of soba noodles (tempura soba), udon noodles (tempura udon) or rice (tendon) .Soba noodles are eaten in soups or as a side dish in Japan. It is traditional noodles from Japan, so it is not surprising that it is eaten in abundance. But nowadays not only Japan is the country where soba noodles are prepared."

Ingredients for Tempura Soba Soup:

For 6 persons:

- 4 cup - 0,9l Dashi

- ¼ tsp salt

- 2 Tbsp Soy Sauce

- 3 tbsp mirin

- 2 Tbsp Sake

- 7 oz - 200g dried Soba noodles

- 4 green onions, thinly cut Shichine Togarashi (hot pepper powder)

Shrimp Tempura

- 4 large shrimp

- ½ cup - 65g cake flour

- ½ tsp baking powder

- salt

- ½ cup- 120ml water with 1-2 ice cubes frying oil

How to make Tempura Soba Soup:

Heat Dashi in a large saucepan and add salt, Soy Sauce, Mirin, Sake and bring to a boil.

Cover and keep it warm.

Make shrimp Tempura.

Remove shells from shrimp, and make small cuts on the inner side.

In a medium bowl, mix cake flour, baking powder and salt together, add ice water, and stir with chopsticks a few times.

Do not over mix.

Dip shrimps in the batter and deep fry at high temperature at 356°F -180°C until cooked. Set aside.

Cook dried Soba noodles according to the package. Add cooked Soba to the hot soup and let it simmer for a minute.

Divide noodles and soup into bowls, place fried shrimp Tempura on top, and sprinkle on the chopped green onion. Add Shichimi if you like.


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