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Shrimp Croquettes Recipe

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Shrimp Croquettes
Shrimp Croquettes

"One of the most sought after hot starters is and remains the croquette with the unsurpassed shrimp.Making shrimp croquettes requires some effort, but the result is fantastic. The perfect shrimp croquette satisfies 4 things: lots of shrimps, a nice crust, a light running on the inside and after 1 croquette, you still want a second one."

Ingredients for Shrimp Croquettes:

- 250 gr ( 8 oz) peeled North Sea shrimps

- 60 gr (2,1 oz) butter

- 150 gr (5,3 oz) flour

- Pepper and salt

- 50 gr (1,7 oz) of grated cheese

- 1 egg

- 0,25L (1 cu) of fish stock

- 0,12l (0,5 cu) of cream

- 2 egg white

- Bread crumbs

- lemon and parsley for garnish

How to make Shrimps Croquettes:

Melt the butter and add the flour to make a roux

Add in small parts the fish stock and stir until you have a thick but running mass

Mix the grated cheese and the whole egg with the mass

Mix the mass very well until it does not stick to the pot anymore

Season the mass with pepper and salt

Take the pot from the cooking plate and stir the cream with the mass until you don’t see the cream anymore

Mix gently the shrimps into the mass

Place the mass on a foil-covered plate and wait until the mass is cold. Divide the mass in portions

Beat the egg white in a separate plate , put the breadcrumbs in another plate and pull the fish croquettes first by the egg white , see that everywhere egg white depends , and then the breadcrumbs.

Let the croquettes rest for an hour

Bake the shrimp croquettes for 5 minutes in the deep fryer on a temperature of 356°F -180°C

Let the croquettes leak on paper and then serve them with deep fried parsley, a lemon and mixed salad on the side

Anecdotal information

The North Sea shrimp not only differs in colour and size from the other species offered in the fish shops. The taste of the 'pink' shrimps imported from abroad is less pronounced. The small size of the North Sea shrimp makes peeling difficult. The intensive peeling process naturally influences the price.

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