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Lentil and Coconut Soup

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Lentil and Coconut Soup
Lentil and Coconut Soup

Coconut lentil soup is inspired by Southeast Asian flavours with the sweetness of the coconut.

This coconut lentil soup recipe is a winner for many reasons.

Ingredients for Lentil and Coconut Soup:

For 6 persons:

- 4 cups - 1l vegetable stock or water with 2 vegetable buoillon cubes

- 5 oz -140g lentils

- 1 can (14 oz - 400g) coconut milk

- 2 leeks, sliced

- 2 cloves garlic, minced

- 2 handsfull baby spinach

- 1 tsp coarsely grated ginger

- 1 tsp ground turmeric

- 2 tbsp olive oil

- 2 limes, cut into wedge

- Salt & Black Pepper

How to make Lentil and Coconut Soup:

Tip the lentils into a large pan and add the turmeric, ginger and garlic.

Pour in the stock, then cover the pan and simmer for 15 mins until the lentils have softened.

Pour in the coconut milk, stir in the leeks, cover and cook for 10 mins more.

Add the spinach and cook just to wilt it.

Season with pepper and salt.

Spoon into bowls and squeeze over the lime juice.


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