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Bakmi Godok

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Bakmi Godok
Bakmi Godok
Bakmi Godok is a delicious noodle soup from Indonesia. Try it yourself! With this recipe you will surpass yourself and your guests!

Ingredients for Bakmi Godok:

serves 4:

- 6 cups - 1½l water

- 9 oz - 250 grams of thin noodles

- 6 mushrooms, finely chopped

- 12 snow peas in strips

- 5 oz - 150 grams of chicken breast

- 1 large slice of ham, cutted in strips

- 4 carrots in strips

- ½ can of bamboo shoots

- 1 hand of bean sprouts cleaned

- salt, pepper and ve-tsin

How to make Bakmi Godok:

Cook the noodles until cooked and drain. Set aside.

Make a little broth by boiling the chicken in salted water. When the chicken is cooked, remove it and cut it into small pieces.

Let the stock simmer over a small fire.

Slice bamboo sprouts.

Add the chicken and the rest of the ingredients.

Add spices to your own taste.

Now add the noodles and stir everything well.

Make an omelet and cut it into small pieces.

Garnish the noodles with it.


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