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Mascarpone and Advocaat mousse

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Recipe for Mascarpone and Advocaat Mousse
Mascarpone and Advocaat Mousse
In full preparation for a festive moment and have not yet found an original dessert that you have little work on? Look no longer, no guest will leave the table with this sturdy valve!

Ingredients for Mascarpone and Advocaat Mousse

8 lady fingers biscuits

3½ ox. - 110gr white chocolate

1 oz - 30gr sugar

1 leaf of gelatin

2 eggs

5½ oz. - 170gr mascarpone

10 fl.oz - 300ml cream

3½ fl.oz - 100 ml eggnog

How to make Mascarpone and Advocaat Mousse

Soak the gelatin leaf in cold water. Melt the white chocolate (au-bain-marie or in the microwave). Separate the eggs and beat the egg whites until stiff. In addition, beat the egg yolks, together with the sugars, to a smooth mass. Mix the eggnog and mascarpone under the egg yolks. Squeeze the gelatin leaf well and stir under the warm, melted chocolate. Half beat the cream and stir with the white chocolate under the egg yolks with eggnog and mascarpone. Gently spoon the whipped egg whites (so that it remains fluffy) under the mousse. Divide the mousse over festive glasses and finish by inserting a boudoir cookie.

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