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English Breakfast

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

English Breakfast
English Breakfast

English breakfast is a meal that typically includes bacon, sausages, eggs, other cooked foods and a beverage such as coffee or tea.

Ingredients for English Breakfast:

- 1-2 eggs per person - 2 sausages - 2-3 rashers bacon per person - mushrooms, wiped and peeled and stalks removed - tomatoes cut in half - bread 1 slice per person - 1 can 10 oz- 400g baked beans - lard or oil for frying as preferred - black pudding, cut into slices as you require

How to make English Breakfast:

Heat the oil in a large saucepan, Place the sausages in a pan with some preheated lard. Turn the sausages regularly. When ready (approximately 12 minutes) remove then onto a plate and put in a warm oven. In the frying pan used to brown the sausages fry the bacon until the fat runs out. Increase the heat, add the black pudding and fry until the bacon and black pudding are cooked to your liking. Remove the bacon and the black pudding and put them in the oven with the saugages. In the same pan fry the mushrooms, adding a little more fat if necessary. Push the mushrooms aside in the pan and put in the tomatoes. Remove the mushrooms and tomatoes and put in the oven with the bacon and black pudding. Put the baked beans into a saucepan on the stove and stir over gentle heat. Finally, fry the egg with the yolk unbroken to desired consistency and toast the bread. Use the remainder of the lard to spread over the toast. On a warm serving plate, bring together the sausages, bacon, beans, tomato, mushrooms, fried egg and toast. Season well and serve immediately.

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