Tagine with chicken

Ingredients for Tagine with Chicken:

    serves 4

 - 675 gr - 1½ lb  chicken cubes

 - 10 small potatoes halved

 - 10 cherry tomatoes halved 

 - 1 large onion (finely chopped)

 - 1 yellow pepper

 - 8 carrots

 - green olives

 - ½ tsp ginger powder

 - handful of frozen peas

 - finely chopped fresh coriander

 - olive oil

 - a little chicken broth

 - Salt and pepper


How to make Tagine with Chicken:

Put some olive oil in the tagine and fry the chicken.

Remove the chicken from the tagine and set aside.

First we put the tomatoes, onion and peppers in the tagine. than the chicken. Above the chicken potatoes and carrots lay. Add herbs.

Add a little chicken broth.

Let it simmer for 30 min (with lid on tagine).

Add the frozen peas.

Allow to simmer for another 15min.


Tasty with Moroccan bread.